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This presentation will cover in detail the benefits of portability in relation to finishing and the reasons why businesses should add portable systems to their finishing operation. While this presentation is geared towards individuals in small to medium sized production shop settings, the information included also applies to those involved in franchising an existing business model and/or the emerging DIY hobbyist industry. Portability of your finishing operation allows businesses to increase versatility when finishing without sacrificing the quality of the finish product. With developments in technology, powerful turbine driven HVLP units and compressor driven spray guns operating at low CFM levels, allow users to avoid sacrificing quality while allowing for the ability to complete medium to large sized finishing projects onsite. The size and operating noise levels of some systems provides businesses the option of finishing onsite while customers are in their own home (ie: kitchen cabinet refinishing). By completing jobs onsite, companies can decrease employee downtime as pieces of the project do not have to be sent back to a shop for completion. Onsite finishing capability also allows for finishers to complete small touch ups or repairs from damage that may have occurred during installation. By removing transportation and the associated costs involved in transportation from the equation, companies will save money – some of these savings can be passed back onto the customer or accumulated for future growth and development.

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(2018) Benefits of a Portable Spray Finishing System in a Small to Medium Sized Production Shop Setting 00:00:00

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